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The founding of the Dollar General is an interesting story that proves you can succeed in life if you work hard, even with limited education.

The first Dollar General store was founded by James Luther and his son Cal Turner on June 1, 1955 in Springfield Kentucky.

The father of the founding pair, James Luther, never received a formal education. This was because his father died when he was young, which forced him to help out on his family farm instead of attend school.

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For 10 years James was a grocery traveling salesman before he bought a house with his family and settled in Kentucky.

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This was during America’s Great Depression, and James Luther had an enterprising mind. He took the initiative to view the depression as an opportunity rather than a setback.

During this time period he seized opportunity by buying and selling bankrupt general stores. His son was able to watch and learn business skills during this time period.

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The father son team finally saved up enough money to open their own general store. The duo opened J.L. Turner and Son Wholesale in 1939, each putting in an initial $5,000 to get the store off the ground.

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Their venture was very successful with over $2 million in sales by 1950. This prompted them to open the first Dollar General store in 1955, and people absolutely loved it.

When sales went through the roof, they converted all their stores into Dollar Generals, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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In 1968, 4 years after the passing of James Luther, the company was booming with over $40 million in yearly sales, and a profit of $1.5 million a year.

The Dollar General also went public in 1968 and now has over 14,000 storefronts worldwide. In 2002, Dollar General posted $6 billion in sales, and continues to grow.

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With the opening of their 13,000th store, the DGCustomerFirst team had a celebration complete with appropriately themed yellow and black balloons, as well as happy employees cutting a special celebration ribbon.

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DG wants to make sure its customers stay happy with its great deals and service. They want to stay the #1 choice for anyone who is looking for an affordable shopping option.

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To do this, the DG chain offers a DGCustomerFirst survey where customers can give the chain feedback they can use to improve future customer experience.

In exchange the customer receives entry into a sweepstakes where they could win $100 gift card.

Its a win-win for everyone involved. Check out the details below: Survey Prizes

  • Entry into sweepstakes for $100 gift card, 10 awarded per entry period

DGCustomerFirst Survey Details

Coupon prize$3 off $15 coupon
Sweepstakes prize$100 gift card
# of Sweepstakes Prizes Awarded4 per entry period
LocationUS & District of Columbia
Entry Limit per entry period1

Take The DgCustomerFirst Survey

Enter Online:

  1. You’ll need to make a purchase at a Dollar General store
  2. Save your receipt or write down the receipt code
  3. Go online to the Survey Website
  4. Answer the questions and submit the online form
  5. Save the code you get at the end of the survey and you’ll be entered into the Dollar General sweepstakes with a chance to win $1,000

Enter By Mail:

No purchase needed for a mail-in entry and entry must be written by hand

  1. Handwrite your full name, email, address (no PO Box allowed), phone and birthdate on a 3.5X5″ card
  2. Mail the card to:

    Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes
    PO Box 251328 West Bloomfield MI, 48325 Homepage

Here’s what to expect when you land on the survey homepage:

DGCustomerFirst Survey Homepage Survey Rules & Eligibility

  • You must make a purchase at a Dollar General and save your receipt
  • You must take the online survey to be eligible for the coupon

Dollar General Survey Rules

  • No purchase necessary to enter
  • Must be a US or District of Columbia resident
  • Must be 18+ years old
  • Limit to 1 entry per person per entry periodfor the sweepstakes

View the full survey sweepstakes terms and conditions here

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Take a look at the winners list here

Contact Dollar General

Phone: 877-463-1553


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What is DG shopper panel?

The DG Shopper Panel is an ongoing conversation between Dollar General and its shoppers who are helping to shape the future of the company. As a member, you will have the opportunity to let us know your opinions and help us improve our services and your shopping experience by answering short surveys.

How do you survey customers?

10 customer survey tips for collecting genuine insightsKISS (Keep it short, silly) ... Ask only questions that fulfill your end goal. ... Construct smart, open-ended questions. ... Ask one question at a time. ... 5. Make rating scales consistent. ... Avoid leading and loaded questions. ... 7. Make use of Yes/No questions.More items...•Mar 2, › blog › customer-survey10 Essential Tactics for Creating Valuable Customer › blog › customer-survey

What is the 1 800 number for Dollar General?

877-463-1553CONTACT US. Thank you for contacting us,you can expect a response to your online shopping question within two days. To contact our online store Customer Service Department by phone, please call 877-463-1553.

How do digital coupons work at Dollar General?

While logged into your account on your mobile phone or desktop computer, select from available offers to add to your account. At checkout, redeem these offers by simply typing in your phone number into the pin pad. We can send you a digital receipt of your purchase - via text message or email.

How do I get digital coupons for Dollar General?

Digital coupons can be accessed on a desktop computer or on a mobile device here. They can also be accessed within the Dollar General App on your smart phone. Note that you will need to log in to your profile in order to clip selected coupons.

How do I get digital coupons on my phone?

Redeem digital coupons by entering your phone number at checkout or by scanning your loyalty card. When you're ready to redeem your clipped digital coupons, all you have to do is enter your phone number at checkout or have the cashier scan your store loyalty card. This redemption method works at almost all stores.

How do I save money at Dollar General?

Ways to save at Dollar General every dayClip Dollar General coupons. Browse your weekly circular and the big Sunday coupon sections for store-specific coupons. ... Check your receipt. ... Use DG Digital coupons. ... Sign up for texts. ... Sign up for emails. ... Use a cash-back app. ... Shop seasonal. ... Browse the clearance.More items...•Jan 19, › 10-ways-to-save-at-dollar-general10 ways to save at Dollar General - One Mama's Daily › 10-ways-to-save-at-dollar-general

What is DG shopper panel?

The DG Shopper Panel is an ongoing conversation between Dollar General and its shoppers who are helping to shape the future of the company.

How do I complain to Dollar General?

Dollar General complaints contactsCall Customer Care on 877-463-1553.Visit Customer Care Contact Form.Visit Customer Support.Tweet Dollar General.Follow Dollar General.Follow Dollar › dollar-generalDollar General › dollar-general

What is the 1 800 number for Dollar General?

877-463-1553CONTACT US. Thank you for contacting us,you can expect a response to your online shopping question within two days. To contact our online store Customer Service Department by phone, please call 877-463-1553.

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74 thoughts on “ ― Take Official Dollar General® Survey

  1. Filled out the survey 4 times & only was asked if I want to enter the sweepstakes. No $3.00 coupon. Why???? Have rec’d same for several months

  2. LOVED to shop at dg but now i go to Walgreens an Krogers they offer better dears for people who coupon i go to dg when i need some thing fast but i am sorry if i had one of these store close i would not shop dg again u guys r not coupon friendly any more an that what i am. Now if u become coupon friendly again i will be back my favorite store is DG an i love the 3/15 cause i love to save money

  3. Dollar General is one of my favorite stores to shop it I go there at least four to five times a week I love that store

  4. Have done so many surveys to compliment the staff that works at my local store but they never get the surveys that I do I know these surveys help them and if the SMG OR CORPATE just seem to want to pick and chose what the hear is not what these surveys are for. Please fix this so this store is recognized for the surveys they are should be getting

  5. I usually shop at dg out by rocky fork lake hillsboro,oh 45133 several times a week but today was my last time. I was treated very rudely by caitlyn, i approached her with a problem with the coke sign not ringing up right and she told me it was only on sale for a few days i asked her why the signs said it was still on sale she ripped the signs down in front of me and said now its not! I wont shop there anymore,I’ll drive in to walmart !

  6. I filed out my survey, for a chance to win a 100$ gift card, and there was no place for my name, phone number or e-mail.

  7. great customer service .Hope was very pleasant along with linda and the rest of the crew .shop there all most every day


  9. Reading DG customer comment appears their intent is truly disingenuous. Try Dollar Tree, everthing is dollar and Dollar Tree respond to customer surveys.

    1. I spend a third, atleast of my income every month on cleaning and my rescue dogs and cat products. Yes, some deals are great but the contest surveys seem to be a ploy and a waste of time. Although the employees are very cordial and helpful. Jn this world today we can feel at ease in regard to that.

  10. The DG in my town is very disorganized – things all over the aisles – never neat – I love to shop there but it is a Hazard (accident waiting to happen) I’ve shopped at other DG’s and they are usually neat and organized.

  11. Hello love me some dollar general store. I’m lucky to have a choice I can go to dollar G, family Dollar,or dollar Tree . love we’re I live.The stores are right next to each other.

  12. OMG the lady / manger “Caucasian “ with glasses, dark hair I didn’t get her name, at DG on Broad Street in Forney Tx was so freaking rude just now!!! She had an attitude and didn’t want to do a freaking return !! Just kept trying to tell me the stuff I purchased was discounted!! I only wanted my money back !!

  13. Survey code 0421-8908-1199-152. I shop at the dollar general in shelburn, Indiana and Sullivan, Indiana. They both have just been remodeled and they both are organized and things are easily found the staff at both stores are very friendly and helpful

  14. I just returned home from your Dollar General Store located on Buck Creek Road in Simpsonville, KY. Much to my dismay I can not believe that the beautiful store that was built there in 2014 has gone down the way it has.. Today, I encountered (2) of the rudeness associates, a store dirty, disorganized, cluttered mess . It seems that no one there has ever cared about what could be a very profitable store for your company concerning it is a prime location for customers in that area. As for me I will never enter that store again….

  15. Is this a fake crap? I font see where you have to enter the survey code and it keeps redirecting me to another site to fill 2 many things. Aggravating. Fake place.

  16. love dollar general there staffs are really nice but most of the time there stuff is never organized and and can never find what i want because there not organized.

  17. I have done so many surveys for over a year and never won a sweepstakes I often wonder if they just do it to get feedback to better the stores or know what is going I live in Paris tn

  18. Dollar general is better than walmarts… I can’t fine the survey page I have already been to dollar general that’s how I learned about drawing can someone help me?

  19. I went to store 00777 in Ville Platte, wow it’s clean and one worker names Donna is perfect . Always smiling . Always helps us.

  20. i live only min;s from dollar general. i shop at least -2 a week .the staff there all very helpfull and frendly. i am a elder person and love to shop. thank you so much., for dollar general no 03#.

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